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Seven Summer Safety Tips to Save Lives

Posted by Admin Posted on June 18 2019

We found this information on pool safety to be a good reminder. We thought you might be able to use it, too.

Keeping Summer Safe: Pool and Spa Safety Tips

The backyard pool can be great summer fun, but it can also be a source of danger for children. Every year hundreds of children fatally drown. If you have a pool or spa, here are seven simple tips to keep your children and their friends safe during swim season.

Seven Safety Tips to Save Lives

1) Adult Supervision: Always be present when children are using the pool. As any parent knows, it only takes moments for children to place themselves in dangerous situations, so stay attentive.

2) Keep a Life Ring or Shepherd’s Crook Nearby: This lifesaver can quickly pull someone from the pool. Always check that it is in good condition.

3) Fence and Alarms: Make sure your pool is protected by a fence. You may even want to add an alarm system that can warn you of unintended use of the pool.

4) Rope or Float Line: This can distinguish between the shallow and deep ends and serve as a visual reminder to young children not to pass.

5) Lock Your Hot Tub Cover: Young children may not be tall enough to stand up in the hot tub or fully appreciate how quickly heated water can lead to dehydration or other accidents.

6) Safely Store All Pool Chemicals: These chemicals represent a danger not only to children but the adults who use them. Find a safe storage area and handle them properly.

7) Cover Pool Drains: Suction entrapment can lead to death. Make sure all drains are properly installed with certified covers. Periodically check to ensure that they are not damaged.

With these simple steps, you can increase the safety of your pool or hot tub, without any loss in the fun and joy they bring.